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We can perform our services either during or after business hours that best suit your needs.

we also provide our clients with 4-Seasonal/One Time Cleaning

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If you want to put all of the cleaning responsibilities of your commercial entity into the hands of a trustworthy and dedicated Toronto and GTA commercial cleaning service then you need to look no further than us here at Pinnacle Elite Cleaning. Your cleaning requirements become our priority the moment that you become our client.

We are flexible in our hours and we can customize a commercial cleaning program that is going to suit your needs. No job is too big or too small and each and every client that we serve gains our utmostattention. We have the highest respect for your premises and we are very intensive in the hiring of our preferred professional commercial cleaning staff. We ensure that we do extensive background checks on their credibility and trustworthiness in order to feel confident in sending them into your premises to complete our cleaning services.

When you are using our commercial cleaning services here at Pinnacle Elite Cleaning you can do so with confidence knowing that you will find no fault in any of the services that we are most pleased to be able to provide you with.

Don't wait any longer are part of this much needed services that we here at Pinnacle Elite Cleaning are able to provide you. Ask us for a free no obligation quote now.


Green Cleaning

With so many individuals suffering from allergies today and the great concern that we all have for our environment, here at Pinnacle Elite Cleaning we are most pleased to inform you that we insist on only using Green Clean products. We too have a great respect for the environment and take our responsibility as Toronto and GTA commercial cleaners seriously. We feel that we can do our part by resourcing and utilizing as many Eco friendly products as possible.

We have done a great deal of research into utilizing Eco friendly products that we know are going to be tough on dirt, and leave your commercial premises sparkling and as sanitized as possible.

We also know that most workers do not want to be exposed to unpleasant or strong odors that can be created by commercial cleaning products. Whenever possible we use sent free or pleasant odor cleaning products that will make the work environment a most pleasant one.

Not only will your employees be well pleased coming into an office or commercial environment that is been cleaned by us here at Pinnacle Elite Cleaning, but your clients will appreciate the atmosphere that they are entering into as well.

Our Customers are Our Priority

Our Custome
We take great pride in the commercial cleaning services that we provide throughout the GTA and Toronto area and look forward to building a long working relationship with you as your commercial cleaners. Be sure to contact us today for a quote.


Commercial cleaning equipment we use here at Pinnacle Elite Cleaning we insist on implementing the use of only the very best of commercial cleaning equipment. There are several reasons for doing this. Our first priority is to you as our client and we know that it is going to take the state of the art equipment to perform the services that we are able to deliver and you expect.

We truly appreciate our highly valuable commercial cleaning staff and want to be able to arm them with all of the tools and resources they need to get the job done. With the use of high tech cleaning equipment we know that your commercial establishment is going to be as clean as possible and sanitary and as germ-free as possible that only high tech equipment can provide.

We are strong believers in using micro fiber technology. This means that many of our cleaning items such as our dusters and mops are going to do a most efficient job for us.

Microfibre cleaning items have the ability to hold much more water and they have been proven to be exceptional at the absorption of oils, dirt and grime.

Our vacuums are a highly important piece of equipment to us and we ensure that we use the very best for all of our cleaning services. Speed is of the essence for our cleaning staff as they know that there is a great deal of cleaning that has to be addressed during each cleaning session of your commercial entity. Being able to rely on vacuums that are going to do a top-notch job is what they have to rely on.

When there is a need for steam cleaning are highly trained staff has the wonderful advantage of being able to rely on the latest technology. Our steam cleaning units are able to get the job done quickly and efficiently with very little drying time needed.

We are constantly on the search for any commercial cleaning equipment that is going to enhance the commercial cleaning services that we provide you with and make the job easier for our cleaning staff.

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Our Goal

Provide Professional Services

Our goal and mandate is to provide professional services that you will find dependable and we offer environmentally friendly commercial cleaning by utilizing Eco friendly products and equipment..

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